Fortnite leaker suggests Epic working on vehicle mods & mounted car guns

Epic Games

After leaking information about possible weapon mods coming to Fortnite in the near future, notable leaker HYPEX has revealed Epic Games is also working on attachments for cars as well, including a mounted gun mod.

If you saw the leaks about the possible weapon attachments coming to Fortnite and thought that more features like that should come to the game, then you’re in luck.

According to notable Fortnite leaker HYPEX, Epic Games is currently working on car/vehicle attachments and mods, in addition to the weapon attachments that were leaked previously.

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Details about the feature are extremely scarce, with HYPEX essentially only confirming that they are being worked on by the developer.

That being said, we do know what to expect in some regard.

HYPEX says that the attachments will be divvied up into tiers, with each one granting a different behavior on textures like grass, dirt, etc. What that means is exactly is unclear, however, it may allow each vehicles to handle better on different textures depending on what mod you have attached.

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In addition, the leaker says there will be more traditional attachments that players will be able to place onto their cars, specifically mentioning “mounted guns” as an example.

All in all, this system sounds pretty similar to the weapon attachments system HYPEX previously leaked, which will allow players to mod their weapons with different abilities, but we don’t know if all the features from the weapon mods will carry over to the vehicle versions.

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For instance, according to the original weapons leak, players will be able to drop and add mods at any time to their weapons, that they’ll be able to carry multiple mods at the same time, and that some weapons will have attachments which only work with that specific weapon.

Having those features on vehicle mods would be interesting but who knows if that’s actually what Epic has planned. Only time will tell when the devs will announce the weapon and car mods, and when they’ll be added to the game.

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