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Fortnite leaker reveals new Deadpool weapons and more coming

Published: 7/Mar/2020 10:43

by Jacob Hale


A Fortnite leaker has revealed at least two more weapons will be coming to the game soon after finding them in the data files – and one of them looks to be a very powerful gun for Deadpool.

Marvel and Fortnite have a long history together, and their most recent collaboration was to bring Deadpool to the battle royale title, complete with fresh new cosmetics for players to use and show off.

Now though, it appears he may be getting another special weapon, as well as some other interesting additions that are sure to shake the game up a little bit more.


Epic Games
Midas’ Mythic Drum Gun is another incredible weapon added for Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2.

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Posting to Twitter, leaker ‘spedicey1′ claims that two weapons on their way include something called ‘MistyBop’ and Deadpool’s Dual Pistols — both of which look particularly interesting.

Deadpool’s Dualies will be able to deal 43 damage at close range, 36.55 at mid-range and 32.25 at long range, according to spedicey — meaning you might be able to pull off some decent eliminations from any distance. They also have a clip size of 18, which should be more than enough if you hit your shots.

He also mentions the ‘MistyBop’ which, as of now, isn’t quite clear as to what it is. However, it does 50 damage with a reload time of 5 seconds, including an “infinite” clip size.


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One respondent said the MistyBop sounds like it could just be the proximity mine, and that somewhat fits the bill, but there’s no reason for that to have a codename now that it’s in the game, so we’ll have to wait for more information to come out about that.

On the day of the v12.10 patch, there were also leaks to suggest two more weapons will be coming to Fortnite in the near future, with an updated, upgraded Scoped AR and a new Slug Shotgun waiting in the wings.

Leaks have also suggested that Fortnite will be getting helicopters sometime soon — which will likely cause a bit of a stir considering the poor reception that the planes recieved way back in Season 7.


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Whether or not these are 100% set to make their way into the game remains to be seen, but these leakers have quite a solid track record of delivering on what they mention.

The return of Dual Pistols – especially with the backing of none other than Deadpool – is definitely exciting, but we’ll have to hold our breath over MistyBop until we discover what exactly it is.