Fortnite leaker claims Family Guy and Doom Slayer collabs are confirmed

fortnite family guy doom slayer

The long-standing rumors of Family Guy coming to Fortnite are believed to be real according to notable Fortnite leaker Shiina… oh, and Doom Slayer is confirmed too.

Family Guy is arguably one of the most iconic adult-oriented cartoons on television. With 389 episodes spanning 20 seasons, the politically incorrect animated series has stood the test of time.

And with Fortnite collaborating with every franchise under the sun – including Adult Swim original show Rick & Morty – it’s no wonder fans want to see Peter Griffin ‘crank 90s’ and get ‘vic roys’. And with each survey and cryptic teaser, players are more and more convinced that the Griffins could make it into the battle royale.

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Fortnite x Family Guy Crossover LeakEpic Games / Fox

Peter Griffin confirmed for Fortnite

According to Shiina, a notable Fortnite leaker who is just shy of 1 million Twitter followers, both Family Guy and Doom Slayer are confirmed to be coming to the game sometime in the future.

In a tweet on his personal account, they stated, “Just because it takes a long time for leaked collabs to come to the game, it doesn’t mean they are canceled Since that UE livestream Family Guy and Doom Slayer are CONFIRMED”

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The live stream in question is one where Epic Games discussed Unreal Engine 5. One of the scenes from the stream showed a developer’s sidebar which included folders of collaborations in the works for Fortnite. This is how players knew Darth Vader and Indiana Jones would be coming to the game.

But among that list were two folders: ‘FamilyGuy’ and ‘Doom’. But since these leaked in April 2022 with no word since, players have started to believe they aren’t real. However, as Fortnite creator Candywing once pointed out, it took Epic Games two years to set up the Travis Scott collab.

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That being said, it will be interesting to see how Epic Games decides to add Family Guy to Fortnite. Doom Slayer is relatively straightforward as other video game characters of his size have already been added to the game. But Peter Griffin’s gourd-like figure is a physique Fortnite has yet to introduce.

Fortnite fans will just have to wait and see if Family Guy and Doom Slayer will actually make their way to Epic Games’ metaverse.

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