Fortnite leaked loading screens for Week 3 and 4 of Season 8 Discovery challenges

by Matt Porter


Fortnite v8.10 update introduced the brand new Baller vehicle, a see-through sphere which players can sit inside of, with a Grappler attached to the front that allows players to roll around the map.

The update also brought a major change to Vending Machines, with players no longer required to pay for items using materials.

Epic Games
Epic Games
The Week 3 loading screen features Sidewinder.


As usual, data miners have already gotten their hands on the loading screens for Week 3 and 4 of Season 8. The Week 3 screen, as can be seen above, features Sidewinder escaping from a temple while dodging arrows, with the Golden Snake back bling that is part of the Season 8 Battle Pass.

The Week 4 loading screen also features a Battle Pass skin, as fan-favorite banana skin Peely takes center-stage.

In it, a fresh Peely can be seen sitting on a throne carried by other, decaying Peely skins. The fresh banana is wearing a crown and drinking from a jeweled goblet, and appears to be getting carried up the side of the volcano, with Sunny Steps visible in the background.

Peely is the star of the Week 4 loading screen.


These loading screens will be important parts of the Fortnite challenges which will likely go live on Thursday, March 14, with players able to unlock the Week 3 loading screen by completing all seven of the week's challenges.

Players are then able to use the loading screen to find a hidden banner or Battle Star which they can use to complete the Discovery challenges.