Fortnite: Leaked in-game footage of unreleased Season 7 skins, items, and emotes

by Albert Petrosyan


Data miners have found and leaked in-game footage of several of the new outfit skins and emotes found in the v7.00 Fortnite game files.


As is usually the case following a major game update in Fortnite, data miners will scour through new game files and look for any new cosmetic items or content that may look to be released sometime in the future.

Having already leaked the names, rarities, and images of some new items following the launch of Season 7, footage of how these skins and emotes will look in-game has surfaced online.


This latest set of leaks comes from Fortnite news and leaks outlets @lucas7yoshi_ and @ShiinaBR, who have provided footage of the Cloudbreaker, Wingtip, and Waypoint outfit skins as they would appear in the Item Shop.

Cloudbreaker (Rare) - Turbulent by nature



Waypoint (Rare) - Make your move


Wingtip (Rare) - Flying on the edge


In addition, here are the skins doing some of the animations for the new upcoming emotes, which includes the Cat Flip, Accolades, and Backstroke.

Cat Flip (Rare) - Show your catlike reflexes

Accolades (Rare) - Soak it all in

Backstroke (Rare) - Put your back into it

It's not clear when these cosmetic items will make an appearance in the Item Shop; there have been some instances in previous weeks and months that leaked item did not appear in the Item Shop until well after they'd been found in game files.