Fortnite leak reveals Klombo will return soon, but with a twist

an image of klombo in fortniteEpic Games

Fortnite players may be reunited with their favorite dinosaur Klombo soon, but the lovable animal is returning with a vengeance according to fresh leaks. 

Epic Games have introduced an array of wild animals into the fray of Fortnite and Klombo just happens to be one of the best. The adorable dinosaur arrived during Chapter 3, Season 1, and was mostly placid unless provoked by rogue players.

Klombo has been absent from Fortnite during Chapter 3, Season 2, but now the dinosaur is supposedly returning with a twist.

A poster for the secret Klombo challenges in FortniteEpic Games
Klombo could be fed food from the island by players, prompting a fun animation.

Fresh Fortnite leaks claim Klombo will return as a “killable” creature

Previously if you opened fire on Klombo he would retaliate with a blaze of fiery anger, that could be used effectively to hurt other players if you didn’t mind some potential damage to your own health. Now, according to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, the dinosaur will be returning to Fortnite as a killable creature.

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“Epic are working on making Klombos killable, as of now they’re working on making them drop a special version of meat and 15 different types of loot” claims the leaker.

The reputable Fortnite insider went on to add that loot includes “Ammo, Mats, Consumables & maybe weapons. That’s why they added that “NPC Meat” item yesterday.”

While HYPEX didn’t specify a date as to when Klombo would return to the game, we wager that it could be before Chapter 3, Season 3, begins in June 2022.

Though, we’ll just have to wait and see for sure.