Fortnite leak reveals how to get Deadpool skin style

Calum Patterson
Epic Games

After the Deadpool skin was finally made available in Fortnite with the addition of the Week 7 challenges, players are now on the hunt for his next unlock – another style for the skin – and a leaker has revealed how to get it.

Admittedly, Epic Games did run into some issues with the Week 7 Deadpool challenges, as they simply failed to appear for some players at all, leaving fans who had been waiting for weeks to unlock the outfit disappointed.

Thankfully, Epic managed to resolve the issues fairly quickly, so if you haven’t unlocked the skin yet, here’s our guide to finding his pistols and completing the rest of the Deadpool set.

Epic Games
The Deadpool skin is finally available in Fortnite after seven weeks of challenges.

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However, it was then revealed by leakers that there was more than just one skin coming for Deadpool, as another skin style was found, showing the Marvel superhero without his mask on.

The style was leaked by reliable data miner ‘HYPEX’ on March 30, but until now, it was unclear how the skin would actually be unlocked.

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How to unlock Deadpool skin style

Now, another leaker, FireMonkey, has revealed that the second skin style for Deadpool will, in fact, be granted as a reward for completing the Week 8 challenges.

Even though the main skin is now available, the challenges will be continuing each week, with the Week 8 tasks requiring you to find Deadpool’s floaty and Dance at Deadpool’s Yacht Party.

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The Yacht Party kicked off with a new POI on the Fortnite map on April 3, the day after the skin was available to unlock. In addition to the Week 8 challenges, the leaker also confirmed there will be more in Week 9, but they haven’t been revealed yet.

So, if you want to get your hands on the no-mask variant of the Deadpool skin, you’ll need to wait until the Week 8 challenges go live on April 9.

If you haven’t completed any of the previous challenges, check out our complete guide here.