Fortnite leak reveals first-look at BTS dance emotes in-game

Fortnite gameplay / BTS photoshootEpic Games / Instagram: BTS

BTS will soon be taking over Fortnite with a special in-game performance of their new hit single Dynamite, and an early leak has given fans a look at various dance emotes coming to the battle royale.

From Marvel to John Wick and even Travis Scott, Fortnite has collaborated with the biggest brands, properties, and artists out there. That trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon as mega-popular boy band BTS is next in line for a crossover event.

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On Friday, September 25th at 8 pm EDT/1 am BST/5 pm PDT, the band will be taking center stage in the battle royale game. A live performance will have the seven-man act debuting the choreography version of their recent Dynamite release.

The track has been out for just over a month. In that time, it’s already raked in close to 400 million hits on YouTube alone, and now Fortnite players will be the first to see new choreography for the single.

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The in-game event also comes boasting a few new unlockable items. However, a handful of upcoming event emotes, have already slipped through the cracks.

While the focus will be on the exclusive BTS performance in-game, there’s plenty more for fans to look forward to. The item shop will be updated right on time for the choreography debut. This will give players access to all-new BTS-themed items.

Character skins have been highlighted as one key element up for grabs on the day. Though emotes will also be a big focus. The band is well known for its catchy tunes, but their creative dances always leave an impression too. It won’t be long until Fortnite fans can “set the night alight” in-game.

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Two of the upcoming emotes have appeared online early thanks to prominent Fortnite dataminer iFireMonkey. One has players literally lighting up by shooting stars and sparkles out of their fingertips. Meanwhile, the other is a more standard dance routine that plays a part of the Dynamite track with each repetition.

Both of these can soon be yours thanks to the huge crossover event. It’s a safe bet to assume most of the items will be unlocked through the store. However, there’s a chance some are provided simply for attending the performance. So make sure you’re ready to go and in-game for the BTS event.

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If you’re wanting to get in on the action, you’ll have two opportunities to catch the show live. A replay of the performance will be taking place on Saturday, September 26th 8 am EDT/1 pm BST/5 am PDT and 2 pm CEST. 

From where you need to be and what you need to look out for, here’s everything we know about the BTS event in Fortnite.

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