Fortnite leak reveals another Apex Legends & Warzone inspired feature coming soon

Fortnite character pointing to the sky with Apex Legends Bangalore slidingEpic Games/Respawn

A fresh Fortnite leak has revealed that Epic Games could be adding another Warzone and Apex Legends-like feature soon in the form of a sliding mechanic. 

For the longest time, fans of Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Warzone have been calling for the different game developers to take inspiration from one another and bring different features to their own games.

While the standout battle royales are unique in their own ways, those calls have led to things like respawning mechanics, loot vaults, and vehicles, among others, being adapted for the three games in question.

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As the different devs continue to innovate and take their own games to the next level, it appears as if Epic Games is set to bring a movement mechanic that both Warzone and Apex utilize.

Epic Games
Fortnite’s vault instantly reminded players of Apex Legends.

That’s right, as leaker HYPEX pointed out, the Fortnite developers are working on a new movement type – Sliding.

“It will increase your FOV by 15 when you’re sliding and it will make your camera shake, with a cooldown of 2 seconds,” HYPEX posted. “I don’t know the release date or if it’s gonna be an item!”

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While details about the change are thin on the ground, plenty of players have already pointed to how controversial the sliding movement has been in Warzone, while it can be used from time to time in Apex Legends too.

However, with a supposed cooldown in place for Fortnite, that could prevent some of the drawbacks. You wouldn’t be able to snake around like CoD players, getting an advantage on others in gunfights.

Alternatively, if it’s an item, it could just be gimmicky like the ice blocks from previous Fortnite seasons which provided a movement boost but weren’t completely game-breaking.

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It remains to be seen which route Epic chooses to go with things, but it’ll be interesting nonetheless.