Fortnite leak hints that Trios mode could be returning soon

by Scott Robertson


A dedicated three-player squad game mode could potentially make its Chapter 2 debut, after a Fortnite data miner reported that 'Trios' have been spotted at the top of the playlists in the game’s interface.

Teams of three may no longer have to match up against full squads of four for much longer.

After an extended absence in matchmaking, Trios is evidently returning to Fortnite’s battle royale sooner than later. This info comes from verified Fortnite leaker @iFireMonkey, who reported on February 12 that the mode was “pushed to the top of the playlist in the API.”


It’s been almost a year since Trios was introduced to Fortnite as a limited time mode (LTM), and even before it was removed, players were asking for it to become a permanent addition to the game. The currently active LTM is Search and Destroy, based off the popular one used in Call of Duty and CS:GO.

However, it appears that Trios will appear in the game as a limited-time mode again, according to iFireMonkey.


Even after it was officially removed from Fortnite, Trios were adopted as a preferred game mode by many members of the competitive community. Three of the most popular pro Fortnite players in FaZe’s Mongraal, NRG’s benjyfish, and now-Team Liquid’s Mitr0 competed together in Trios throughout 2019 and won several events together.

Several fans have been asking for months for Trios to return, with some believing that it is the most ideal competitive mode in the game.


Given the timing of the upcoming announcement, Epic Games could be considering a revival of their competitive Trios competitions, and carry that momentum into a Trios tournament at the second Fortnite World Cup in summer of 2020.

Considering how well these events performed in viewership in 2019, a World Cup appearance isn’t that far-fetched, and could be a tool developers are considering to help get more eyes on their big annual event.

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