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Fortnite leak hints at Rift Beacons returning to map

Published: 26/May/2020 14:36

by Connor Bennett


Long-time Fortnite fans could see a familiar item returning to the battle royale after a new leak suggested that files for the Rift Beacons have returned. 

With Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 approaching its conclusion, the v12.61 patch added some of the final new features, items, and files ahead of the cinematic finale event – including a major change to the storm where it might not encompass the map at all. 

With this patch being dropped, data miner and leakers have been trying to find what Epic still has in store before the season comes to end – with them getting their hands on cosmetics. Yet, there is still plenty of other things hiding in the files.


A look at the Fortnite Rift Beacon.

Are Rift Beacons coming back to Fortnite?

One seemingly major addition was pointed out by data miner TheBriteFuture, who noted that meshes for the Rift Beacons were seemingly added to the game’s files following the recent updates. 

The Rift Beacons, as many longtime Fortnite players will remember, appeared back in Season X and marked the upcoming map changes for that week. They became a constant figure during the season until the Black Hole event signaled the end of Fortnite as players knew it – eventually ushering in the major map changes and pivot to the new name of Fortnite Chapter 2. 

POSSIBLE SPOILER, Rift Beacon meshes were added back (Via @TheBriteFuture) from FortniteLeaks

However, while many fans might see the possible re-addition of Rift Beacons and immediately get giddy about the possibility of constant map changes coming in the next season, that might not be the case. 


Some leakers have already pointed out that the cinematic event, that is happening on Saturday, May 30, might use the Rift Beacons in some way – be it to overhaul the current map or give players a flashback to the old one. Either way, however, we’ll just have to wait and see what Epic decides to do.