Fortnite leak hints at huge map changes coming to The Agency

Connor Bennett
Epic Games

A fresh Fortnite leak may have revealed a few big changes that could be in store for The Agency once the v12.60 patch finally drops.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 launched with a Top Secret theme, as the new storyline revolved around a set of agents as well as the Ghost and Shadow factions. As the season has progressed, players have been taking on these agents and swearing allegiances to the different factions. 

As the season is rapidly approaching its endpoint, fans are gearing up for the v12.60 update – as well as a possible cinematic event. Though, a new leak may have just given Fortnite fans a look at what is in store for the battle royale’s most popular location – The Agency.

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Epic Games
The Agency has been changing slightly with recent map changes but could a major switch be in store?

The images were posted by reliable data miner iFireMonkey, who pointed out that a Shadow version of The Agency was added to the Fortnite files a few updates back. 

IFireMonkey noted that he wasn’t sure if it was a “red herring” or something that “will happen sometime during v12.60,” but the new-look version of The Agency is kitted out with links to the Shadow group.

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The data miner also noted that pretty much every reference to Ghost that is in the current version of The Agency would be removed – including the statue that stands by the respawn van.

Now, of course, Epic has added things to the files in the past that they have left dormant and not used, and this version of The Agency could also fall into that category.

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As iFireMonkey also points out, it could be a red herring from the developers that would throw leakers off the trial for whatever they have planned in the coming updates.

Epic did similar recently with the Travis Scott concert by keeping his name away from the items they eventually used in the event. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with this alternative version of The Agency.