Fortnite Lead reveals Midas was changed last second before Chapter 2 arrival

Midas from Fortnite standing over the game's logo.Epic Games

A lead member of the Fortnite team has revealed a big change was made to Midas just a day before he was added to the game.

There have been several notable villains across Fortnite’s lifespan but few have had as big an impact as Midas. The bad guy with the golden touch, his sleek design has garnered him quite the fanbase despite being one of the baddies.

While the version we know and love (or loathe, depending on who you are) has made a big splash around the community, one big-time Fortnite dev says that his signature style was actually the result of a last-second change that made him ‘cooler’ than how he was initially imagined.

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Fortnite developer reveals crucial last-second change to Midas

In an Instagram post, Epic Games’ Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard revealed that Midas was actually supposed to be wearing glasses on his in-game model all the way up to the final hours before Season 2’s release.

“We wanted him to feel erudite and calculating. But it just didn’t work,” he said. “He didn’t look cool enough. So… cut!!!”

Midas from Fortnite rocking his pre-release glasses-included style.Epic Games
Midas’ statue still bears his pre-release style and it’s easy to see how the glasses change his aura.

This is a minor change but the difference is pretty stark. The glasses-wearing statue version embedded above does look friendlier than the meticulous villain that we’ve come to know.

It’s also interesting to note that there are still props out there that feature this version of the character, likely due to the fact that the decision to change him came so late in the process of getting Chapter 2 Season 2 out into the hands of players.

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