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Fortnite just unvaulted three fan-favorite weapons

Published: 10/May/2022 22:12

by Zackerie Fairfax


A small content update was released for Fortnite on May 10 adding three fan-favorite weapons to the cartoon battle royale.

Fortnite relies on its weekly content updates to keep the game fun and interesting. These updates can range in size and content with some adding new POIs or story events, while others simply add a gun or two into the mix.

Regardless, the meta and gameplay are constantly shifting, and each update gives players something new to experience. And with the massive roster of weapons Fortnite has, it’s exciting to see which vaulted weapons are added back to the loot pool.


On May 10, Epic Games released a hotfix update that shockingly added three fan-favorite weapons to Season 2. While it’s one of the smallest updates of the season, some players are calling it the best.

Three weapons unvaulted in Fortnite

As reported by HYPEX, early on May 10 Epic Games unvaulted the Airstrike Grenade, Hunting Rifle, and Flint Knock pistol. These are three of the Fortnite community’s favorite weapons, and the replies to the tweet prove it.

One user commented: “Why is a content update unironically the best update of the season.” Many users followed suit expressing their excitement for one or all of the weapons.


The Hunting Rifle has been a favored weapon since it was first introduced in Chapter 1. It’s long-range, clip size, and accuracy makes it a favorite for both competitive players and trick shooters.

The Flint Knock is a dual-purpose weapon with a lot of utility. It deals an immense amount of damage up close and knocks the shooter back allowing for a quick getaway.

Lastly, the Airstrike Grenade was a menace when first introduced in Chapter 1 Season 9. It hasn’t appeared in Fortnite since then, but fans are very exciting to rain explosives down on their opponents.

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