Fortnite is already one of the most popular games on Nintendo Switch ever - Dexerto

Fortnite is already one of the most popular games on Nintendo Switch ever

Published: 31/Oct/2018 17:26 Updated: 31/Oct/2018 17:44

by Matt Porter


The insanely popular battle royale game has seen it’s success cross to yet another platform, as it has been revealed that Fortnite is already one of the most downloaded games on Nintendo Switch ever.

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With Fortnite already a massive worldwide success on PC, consoles and mobile, some people thought that the introduction of the game to Switch would be too late, as players would have already found their preferred device to play on.

However, according to data from Nintendo themselves, Fortnite Battle Royale has been downloaded to “nearly half” of all Switch consoles in just four months.


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With Nintendo stating that around 22 million units of the console has been sold already, that means just under 11 million copies of Fortnite has been downloaded by Nintendo Switch users.

Considering that the battle royale was only released on the Switch during E3 in June, it’s incredible to see the massive growth of the title on the new platform, and the fact that it is available for free means it’s unlikely to see a decline in downloads any time soon.

The popularity of the console isn’t slowing down either, as Nintendo continue to see steady growth thanks to sales of the Switch, which they describe as the perfect balance of “gaming at home and on-the-go”.


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Fortnite has already generated over $300 million from in-app purchases on iOS in just 200 days, and the game is now available on Android phones too, after Epic Games chose to bypass the Google Play Store and release it themselves.

With continued success like this, it’s easy to see why companies and investors are eager to throw money at Epic Games and Fortnite.

Recently, Epic announced that they had received over $1.2 billion in new investments, with their total company worth sitting a staggering $15 billion.