How to unlock Fortnite’s Inferno cosmetics – New skin, wrap, and pickaxe


A new Fortnite leak revealed a new bundle is on the way called the Inferno Pack and with it comes a set of new cosmetics along with challenges to complete.

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Fortnite appears set to debut a new set of challenges and bundle into the game called the Inferno Pack, which will feel familiar to players to purchased the Fallen Love Ranger bundle.

This bundle will include the Inferno outfit, pickaxe, wrap and a new set of challenges for players to complete. No release date has been given for it as of yet, but here’s what we know so far according to leaks.

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What is the Fortnite Inferno Pack?

The challenges will give players a chance to earn V-Bucks back after purchasing the bundle using real money instead of V-Bucks.

These challenges aren’t anything too difficult as they only require you to play the game and complete daily challenges, operating very similar to how the Fallen Love Ranger challenges worked when they were available.

The Fallen Love Ranger challenges offered more V-Bucks to earn back but the new leaks have shown just 1,100 V-Bucks are available to earn back with the Inferno Challenges. Comparatively, the previous bundle allowed players to earn back 2,000 V-Bucks by completing all of the challenges.

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What are the Inferno Challenges?

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According to a leak by Lucas7yoshi, players will have to complete 7 daily challenges total to earn the max amount of V-Bucks back. 

Completing 10 challenges gets the pickaxe while completing 14 will earn players the wrap.

This probably means that you are instantly rewarded with the skin as soon as you purchase the bundle.

As with all leaks, they are to be taken with a grain of salt until we receive some sort of official announcement from Epic Games.