Return of Fortnite’s Impulse Grenade hinted in leaks

Brianna Reeves
fortnite impulse grenadeEpic Games

According to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, a future update could finally bring the Impulse Grenade back into the battle royale experience.

The Impulse Grenade originally entered the mix in Fortnite’s 2.5.0 update in February 2018. These throwables proved so powerful that they were able to easily knock back enemies.

As with most Fortnite items, though, Epic Games vaulted the Impulse Grenades, removing them upon the launch of Chapter 1 Season 6.

While the grenades returned in Chapter 2 Season 8, they vanished once more in the following season. Now there’s reason to believe Epic may unvault the item sometime soon.

Fortnite’s Impulse Grenade could reemerge in the near future

fortnite impulse grenadeEpic Games
The rare grenade recently received an effects update.

Reputable leaker and Twitter user HYPEX recently shared a clip that showcases updated sounds and effects for the Impulse Grenade.

HYPEX posited the changes could be reflected in the content update that went live on July 26. At the time of writing, however, the powerful item in question remains tucked away in the Fortnite vault.

Adjustments to the grenade’s sounds and effects suggest it may come out of hiding in the not-so-distant future, however.

Because the Shockwave Grenade previously replaced the Impulse Grenade, the latter’s hopeful return could herald the former’s exit.

For now, though, this is merely speculative since Epic Games has yet to provide any concrete answers on the matter.

Even without announcing news about the Impulse Grenade, Epic managed to stir up quite a bit of excitement recently.

A John Cena skin will come to Fortnite’s Item Shop this week on July 28, complete with cosmetic items modeled after the former WWE superstar’s brand.