Fortnite: How to counter the Infinity Blade [UPDATED]

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UPDATE – December 14, 2018 (1:15pm EST)

After facing heavy backlash from the community, Epic Games announced on December 14 that it would be putting the Infinity Blade in the Vault and reevaluating their stance on Mythic weapons moving forward. 

The addition of the Infinity Blade in Fortnite Season 7 has caused plenty of frustration for players and professionals alike, but there are ways to counter it.

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Epic Games have already made changes to the controversial Infinity Blade but it is still incredibly powerful to whoever wields it.

Some players may see the item as a guaranteed victory. However, we’ve got some tips on how you can counter the weapon and get ever closer to that precious Victory Royale.

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Epic Games
Finding a bag of rare Balloons will give you a great chance.
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Finding a bag of Balloons is probably going to be your best bet. With each balloon you use, you can get ever higher in the sky – reaching heights that can’t be reached with the sword. From these heights, you can control your distance and shoot down whoever wields the Blade.

It can be a risky tactic, however, as anyone else in the match looking to score an easy kill will be able to see you quite clearly thanks to the colorful balloons. Also, a lack of speed and shooting control towards the blade will give the player who wields a greater chance at manoeuvring away or regenerating health and armour.

X-4 Stormwing

epic games
A top gun pilot will be able to use the Stormwing to their advantage.

Similarly to the Balloons, you can control your distance from the sword with the X-4 Stormwing whilst dealing damage.

The attack plane’s mounted turret also gives you a chance whilst in the sky to rain down bullets. The ability to switch, whilst potentially tricky, allows a player to use whatever weapons they have in their arsenal from the skies. You just need to make sure you’re back in the pilots seat before you plummet to a possible death. 

Be a pro!

While it’s easier said than done, being able to play like a pro will also get around the Infinity Blade. This means having movement skills that are on point and being able to build to a level that will give you time to fire off some shots. 

The sword can be outplayed, just take a look at SypherPK. The Luminosity Gaming professional bobs and weaves around the player, submerging them with constant builds and traps. 

Boogie Bombs

The Infinity Blade can also be countered by Boogie Bombs. Yes, Boogie Bombs.

Throwing a few at the wielder of the sword will see them lose all control and being to bust a move, giving you the chance to slay them. Whilst the timing won’t be incredibly long, a good sequence of throws and subsequent damage dealing should be able to see you through. 


As the saying goes, Teamwork makes the dream work and teamwork is one of the more risky ways to counter the Blade. Being able to surround the blade and strike with multiple weapons will do plenty of damage. 

However, having multiple enemies pretty close by allows the holder of the sword to do damage and regen health pretty quickly. It may also be a bit tricky to organize a solo’s lobby against the Blade. 

Have you found any better ways to counter the Infinity Blade? Tweet us @Dexerto and tell us more. 

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