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Fortnite: How to complete ‘Visit a solar array in the snow, desert, and the jungle’ Week 9 challenge, Season 9

Published: 4/Jul/2019 10:51 Updated: 4/Jul/2019 13:31

by Matt Porter


The Week 9, Season 9 Season 9, Week 9 challenges officially go live on July 4, with this specific challenge proving to be one of the most difficult that Epic Games have added.

With players tasked to visit these sun-drinking contraptions, the bad news is that they are not marked on the minimap, so finding them may be difficult. But, if you’re not interested in running around the island in the hopes of coming across one, we have performed the detective work for you, and created this handy guide which will take you directly to where you need to go.


Where are the solar arrays on the Fortnite map?

Players have to visit three solar arrays that have been placed on the battle royale title’s island, but the good news is that you don’t have to visit all three in one match, so you can take your time and visit them as you please.

You may not have noticed the addition of the solar arrays, but with the size of the machines, it’s hard to miss them now that you’re actively searching for them.


Starting in the snow biome, the first solar array can be found behind the two hangers at Frosty Flights, with players simply required to walk over to it to complete that portion of the challenge.

Epic GamesThe solar arrays are sitting behind the plane hangers at Frosty Flights.

Next, head towards Pleasant Park in the desert biome, where you’ll find the second solar array just outside the city.

Head directly east through the skyscrapers and buildings, and make your way towards the edge of the map, and you should easily spot the machinery sitting on top of a hill.


Epic GamesThe desert solar array sits on top of a hill overlooking Paradise Palms.

Finally, travel north towards Pressure Plant to find the third array. This one is situated once again towards the edge of the Fortnite map, close to the area with the giant fish made out of wood.

Epic GamesThe final array sits directly behind Pressure Plant.

If you’re still struggling to figure out exactly where you need to go, you can use this map which has all three solar array locations marked on it for you.

A map showing the three locations of the solar arrays.

Completing this challenge will reward players with five Battle Stars which can be used to rank up your Battle Pass, with anyone who completes any four of the seven challenges receiving a 9,000 XP bonus.


Fortnitemares “Broom Box” item leaked for Halloween update

Published: 15/Oct/2020 14:29

by Daniel Cleary


Fortnite leakers have revealed a new mobility item called the “Broom Box” that could be the next feature added in Season 4, ahead of the upcoming Fortnitemares Halloween event.

Fortnite has introduced plenty of unusual vehicles and other methods for players to get around the map, with the likes of ziplines, rifts, and more making their appearances in previous seasons.


However, another mode of transport could be on the way, with leaks now pointing to a new mobility item being added in the upcoming Fortnitemares update for Halloween.

Fortnitemares characters posing
Epic Games
The Fortnitemares event could see some new items added to the game.

Many of the changes made so far in Season 4 have been based around the Marvel characters and their unique abilities but, as Halloween is drawing closer, Epic Games are gearing up for the Fortnitemares event.


While little has been confirmed about the update, Fortnite leaker HYPEX has revealed that there is potential for a new “Broom Box” mobility item in the event after finding codenames in the game files.

The prominent leaker claimed that these brooms would be classed as a consumable, meaning that players might only have a limited time to fly on them compared to previous items like the hoverboard.

These brooms have been rumored to work in a similar way to the Lightsabers that were previously added to Fortnite, with a chest expected to appear on the map for players to collect the consumable item.


A new emote for the Fortnitemares event has also been leaked, with data miner FNBRUnreleased giving players an early look at the “Witch Way” animation, which features a magical broomstick.

While the upcoming mobility item will likely look a bit different from this emote’s animation, it still gives players a glimpse at what to expect from the new broomsticks.

As of now, it is still unclear just when this potential item will be added to Fortnite but with Halloween only weeks away, players won’t have to wait much longer to find out.