Fortnite: How to complete ‘Destroy seven grills with the Low n’ Slow harvesting tool’ 14 Days of Summer challenge

by Matt Porter


The final challenge of Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer event is here, with Epic Games tasking players to destroy seven BBQ grills using the Low n’ Slow harvesting tool.

Developers Epic Games introduced the 14 Days of Summer event to give fans of the popular battle royale title plenty to do while they took a summer break, with a brand-new challenge releasing every day alongside some sweet rewards.

Epic Games have held what could be the trickiest challenge to the end, as to complete this task you need to have finished one of the other 14 Days of Summer challenges before you can even attempt this one.

This challenge tasks players with destroying grills while using the Low n’ Slow harvesting tool, but how do you get your hands on it, and where are the grills that you need to destroy? Here’s everything you need to know.

Epic Games
Epic Games
Players need to destroy grills using a specific harvesting tool.

How to get the Low n’ Slow harvesting tool

Before you even attempt this challenge, you need to complete the tenth 14 Days of Summer challenge, which tasked players with setting off three fireworks from the river bank.

These fireworks are dotted along the river, all the way from Lazy Lagoon to Fatal Fields, and when a player sets a firework off, it disappears and is unavailable for the rest of the match. If you’re struggling to finish it, you can use our challenge guide to find the exact locations of the fireworks, and recieve your Low n’ Slow harvesting tool.

Epic Games
Epic Games
Players need to use the Low n' Slow harvesting tool to destroy grills.

Where to find grills in Fortnite

Once you acquire the Low n’ Slow harvesting tool, your next step is to find seven grills and destroying them using that specific pickaxe. Make sure you equip it before hopping into the game, as any grills destroyed not using the Low n’ Slow set will not count towards your tally.

Once a grill is destroyed by another player, it will disappear from the game, but the good news is that there are plenty of them dotted across the Fortnite island, with many locations offering multiple grills, so it should be easy enough to find them.

Map showing locations of grills in Fortnite.

The seven grills don’t need to be destroyed in a single match, or in the same location, so don’t worry if you can’t break down all the required grills in one go, as your tally will carry over to the next game you play.

Players who successfully complete the challenge using the Low n’ Slow harvesting tool will receive a special icon in the shape of a grill that can be placed on their banner in the game.