Fortnite Season 4 might bring back the Guided Missile after four years

fortnite guided missile season 4 rumorEpic Games

A recently released teaser image from Epic Games has Fortnite fans convinced the Guided Missile might return during Season 4.

An overly powerful explosive, the Guided Missile originally entered the fray in a March 2018 patch. As the name implies, players can control the projectile’s path, unlike standard rocket launchers.

Similar to several other heavy damage-dealing weapons, this particular missile launcher divided the player base. While some Fortnite fans didn’t mind the weapon’s presence, countless others thought it too overpowered.

As such, Epic vaulted and unvaulted the Guided Missile a few times before storing it away long-term approximately four years ago.

Is the Guided Missile finally returning to Fortnite?

Epic Games has unleashed yet another teaser for Fortnite Season 4. HYPEX shared the photo on Twitter, which doesn’t seem to reveal much at first glance.

fortnite guided missile season 4 rumorEpic Games

However, closer inspection reveals that the presumed rocket launcher in the photo above is no ordinary launcher. In a subsequent Twitter post, HYPEX noted the weapon in question actually “uses an updated version of the Guided Missile’s projectile.”

The Fortnite leaker posits the art may serve as a hint that Guided Missiles will return with the advent of Season 4.

At the time of writing, Epic Games has yet to confirm whether or not Guided Missiles will indeed make a comeback. In fact, much about Season 4 presently remains under wraps.

The publisher did unleash a few teasers earlier in the week, however, with some confirming long-running rumors. For example, it seems that Spider-Gwen from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will join the roster of playable heroes next season.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is expected to launch across all platforms on Sunday, September 18.