Fortnite Glitched Consumables are being changed already

David Purcell
Graphics: Epic Games

Epic Games have decided to make a quick change to the Glitched Consumable items in Fortnite Season 10, just hours after being added to the game. 

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The new variety of glitched items were included in the v10.10 content update, which went live on August 20, but have already been causing players some problems. 

While the new batch of content has brought a whole host of map changes, this new set of items can only be found at the new Crater location.

Fortnite screengrab
Glitched Consumables are a collection of Fortnite items – such as mushrooms, coconuts, and more – that constantly change in a glitched way.
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The new crater, which is basically a huge hole in the map, replaced the outgoing Indoor Soccer Pitch point of interest after a Rift Beacon malfunctioned and blew it up. 

However, now there appears to be another malfunction at the destination as Epic have quickly moved to disabled one element of their new item set. 

“Due to an issue, we’ve disabled Shadow Stones from the Glitched Consumable area. All other Glitched Consumables are still available,” the developers tweeted from the official Fortnite Twitter account on August 20, just over three hours after the update was rolled out. 

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The Shadow Stones, which had caused previous problems when they were first added to the battle royale game back in Season 6, have now been disabled once again. 

While the reason for their removal is unclear, in the past players have found ways of using the items to become permanently invisible in matches. When Epic reveal the reason for their disabling this time around, we’ll let you know. As of the time of writing, though, it appears to be unclear. 

Stick with Dexerto for more information on Fortnite as we will keep you updated about any more changes during the course of Season 10.