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Fortnite giving free V-Bucks to iOS and Mac users affected by Apple ban

Published: 7/Nov/2020 0:22

by Tanner Pierce


After Fortnite was banned on both iOS and Mac devices a few months back due to a dispute with Apple, Epic Games has announced that its beginning to give free bonus V-Bucks to users who bought some of the currency on those respective platforms.

Back in August 2020, Apple and Epic Games got into a huge dispute about whether or not the latter could sell V-Bucks in Fortnite without former taking a cut. The disagreement led to the game being removed from both iOS and Mac devices, with no end in sight to the ban.

Fortnite has been unsupported on the platforms since, not even receiving Season 4 of the game, which is now set to end in just a few short weeks. Now, Epic Games is giving players from that platform free V-Bucks to make up for the months without updates.


According to the Fortnite Status Twitter account, Epic is starting to send out bonus V-bucks to iOS and Mac players. The V-Bucks players get depends on certain criteria including which platform you played on.

iOS players will see V-Bucks added to their account based on the current number of unspent V-Bucks that were originally purchased through the App Store.

If you played on Mac, on the other hand, you’ll receive a bonus equal to the number of unspent V-Bucks that you purchased through Epic on that platform.

The best part is that, because all your accounts are linked, the V-Bucks can be used on whatever platform you see fit. So if you’re now playing on PS4 or Xbox and you purchased V-Bucks on the Apple platforms, you should be seeing the V-Bucks in your account soon.


Epic states it has started rolling out these bonuses and that everyone should see them in their account by November 9, 2020.

All in all, it’s nice that Epic is finally giving Apple users some more rewards after Fortnite was removed from the platform. Here’s hoping that the game gets re-added in the near future, although that’s looking like it’s not going to happen any time soon.