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Fortnite Gargoyle locations for the ‘Dance in front of Different Gargoyles’ Fortnitemares challenge

Published: 25/Oct/2018 12:39 Updated: 25/Oct/2018 16:14

by Ross Deason


One of the more difficult tasks to come out of the first set of ‘Fortnitemares’ challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale requires players to dance in front of different gargoyles.

In addition to a number Halloween-themed changes that came with the V6.20 update on October 24, gargoyles were added to a number of locations on the map.

While this might seem to be a fairly minor change, the stone-faced monsters are actually of vital importance if you want to complete every challenge in the limited time Fortnitemares event.

You’ll need to find a total of five gargoyles and dance in front of them, using your emote of choice, to complete this particular challenge.

Spooky music can be heard whenever you’re close to one of the gargoyles, but you can cut down on your search time by using our map of gargoyle locations:

While we cannot guarantee that this shows every gargoyle location on the map (@Owenwillis14 on Twitter has told us that another can be found “on the mountain in between Tilted and Dusty), it should be more than enough to help you complete the challenge and earn another cool Fortnitemares cosmetic.

As is always the case with any Fortnite challenge, make sure that you complete the game before returning to the lobby. If you leave before being eliminated, or getting the Victory Royale, your progress might not saved.

When you’re finished with the first set of Fortnitemares challenges, why not take a look at the Week 5, Season 6 challenges and how to complete them.


Vaulted & unvaulted weapons in Fortnite Season 5

Published: 2/Dec/2020 10:05

by Jacob Hale


A number of weapons and items have been either vaulted or unvaulted in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5, including some fan favorites and old classics. 

Fortnite Season 5 officially dropped on Wednesday, December 2, bringing a number of major changes with it. As specified in the new update’s patch notes, the game is going to look pretty different going forward.

Some big map changes hint toward a slow revert back to the old map, with the likes of Flush Factory and Dusty Depot starting to come back, which is more than enough reason to get excited.

And, although new weapons such as the Dragon Shotgun have arrived, one thing all players will be looking for is the old items that have returned from the vault, and those which have been placed back in it.

Fortnite Season 5 zero point battle pass
Epic Games
Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 is named Zero Point — and brings some fun changes to the game.

Vaulted weapons

Vaulted weapons are those that have been stashed away, unplayable in the game, that might one day return to the game.

Here’s what we know has been vaulted:

  • Revolver
  • Fire Trap
  • Scoped Assault Rifle
  • Epic/Legendary Pump Shotgun
  • Legendary Combat Shotgun
  • Scar assault rifle
  • Epic/Legendary Tac SMG

Unvaulted weapons

Of course, with some weapons leaving the game, some are making their grand return. Here’s what:

  • Charge Shotgun
  • Double Barrel Shotgun
  • P90
  • SMG
  • Storm Scout Rifle
  • Tactical Shotgun
  • Balloons

So, that’s everything that’s been vaulted or unvaulted according to the patch notes for Fortnite Season 5, and there’s definitely some there that we’re going to miss, such as the Scar assault rifles and Pump shotguns, but the Tactical Shotgun and P90 making a return could make up for that and keep the weapons feeling fresh and fun.

With a number of big streamers starting to switch back to Fortnite, it looks like Season 5 could be one of the biggest yet — so have fun destroying those new and returning players!