Fortnite: Full map showing every landing location of mysterious helicopter

Matt Porter
Epic Games

Fortnite fans have continued to notice the large helicopter that has been flying around the map for weeks now, with players left wondering what the aircraft is doing, and where it is going, as it moves around the map throughout Season 8.

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Epic Games are well-known for including new storyline aspects and mysterious items to the game in an attempt to keep the title fresh, while also progressing the game forward with the overarching story of each season.

While Season 8 was introduced with the inclusion of pirates and a massive volcano, one strange story arc has kept Fortnite fans guessing as to its meaning, as a massive helicopter continues to fly around the map.

The helicopter has been moving around the Fortnite map throughout Season 8.
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Where is Fortnite’s helicopter, and where has it been?

The army-style helicopter has been flying around Fortnite for weeks now, but is currently parked up on a hill west of Dusty Divot.

This is the twelfth location the helicopter has visited since it’s appearance in Fortnite, originally parking up just north of the volcano, before flying around the outside of the map to its current location.

Fortnite fans are currently unsure if this is the final landing spot for the heavy-duty aircraft, but with the vehicle already traversing across the map, it’s likely that we will see it on the move again soon. You can view a full map, created by Reddit user /u/Seawod, showing where it has been below.

Reddit: /u/Seawod
A map showing every location the helicopter has landed so far.

What is Fortnite’s helicopter doing?

Right now, Fortnite’s helicopter doesn’t appear to be doing very much. While the helicopter can be heard flying around at random intervals, it seems to just move from one location to another and park up.

Some have started to question  whether the chopper is linked the dig sites that have also started popping up across the map, as the helicopter is currently sitting at Dusty Divot, where a strange anchor was found on April 2.

The helicopter has landed west of Dusty Divot, where construction equipment has appeared.

What does the Fortnite helicopter mean for the Season 8 storyline?

What the mysterious helicopter means for the overarching Fortnite Season 8 storyline is unclear, but fans have some theories regarding what they think the chopper will mean for Season 8.

One suggestion is that the helicopter is a hint towards a possible military theme in Season 9, with the helicopters scouting the island before infantry rolls in to take control.

The most popular theory is that the helicopter and its pilot are hunting for legendary Fortnite items from seasons past, such as Hop Rocks, Rifts and fragments of the meteorite that crashed at the end of Season 3.