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Fortnite FNCS team disqualified in semis after player ‘wishes death’ on another trio

Published: 23/May/2021 20:48 Updated: 24/May/2021 20:21

by Nick Farrell


It is never a fun time when you are getting contested in FNCS, but one Fortnite player took it a bit too far and found himself and his trio disqualified during the FNCS semifinals.

While competitive Fortnite can be filled with drama at times, there are times where players take things a bit too far. In the past, players have broken rules with antics on social media, as Cody ‘Clix’ Conrod is recently feeling the brunt of this after the removal of his “Support A Creator” code.

Now, after the conclusion of the FNCS semifinals, a North America East team has been disqualified from the Reboot Round after one player, Paper, took to Twitter and Twitch to send death threats to another team.


Paper often displays antics on stream

May 24th update

Since paper and his trio have been disqualified from the FNCS Reboot Round, Twitch and Epic have been laying down more punishments for the NAE player. Paper has noted on Twitter that his Twitch has been banned indefinitely, and Epic Games has removed his Support A Creator Code.

It is unknown as of now if paper is going to appeal this ban, and if it will be revoked after some time. But, one has to assume he will also receive a competitive ban within Fortnite in the near future.

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Fortnite trio disqualified after paper sends death threats

Over the course of May 21-22, the FNCS semifinals were held worldwide. This was the center stage for trios aiming to qualify for this season’s Grand Finals and take their share of the massive prize pool.


North America East pro paper is one of the more recognizable faces within the scene, as his on-stream antics often lure in viewers looking for entertainment. Tuning into paper’s stream, you are more than likely bound to hear some rage after dying during a competitive match. This is the personality that paper has always displayed to the public, but during the semifinals, he may have taken things a bit too far.

Along with his teammates neeqo and kwah, the trio competed in the FNCS semifinals, where they failed to qualify directly to the Grand Finals, but were still eligible to play in the Reboot Round on the 23rd. But, during the semifinal matches, paper and his trio were contested by the trio of TFC Sharkman, fearfll, and Enquz.


Being contested never ends well for both trios, as Clix’s trio were similarly contested during the semifinals and also failed to qualify. Paper did not enjoy being contested during this event, and posted some alarming tweets tagging all three players and saying how they should “quit the game” and even went as far as saying “get hit by a 160mph bus u f**king trash cans.”

Paper did not stop there as he also went into some Twitch streams and stated he was “going to find where they live and beat them until they can never touch their keyboard again.”


Obviously, this is never okay, and Epic has multiple rules noting how players should be respectful to others throughout events or face consequences. Well, Epic saw paper’s actions on social media and promptly took action against him and his innocent teammates.

Neeqo posted an email he received from an Epic Games employee noting that they all have been disqualified from the FNCS Reboot Round for violating one of their rules. The trio will have to miss out on their last chance to make Grand Finals, and it is still unknown if paper is going to receive a separate competitive ban.


Paper has since posted some tweets following the news of their disqualification, and it appears he is still angry at the trio for contesting them. Not taking it as extreme as before, he has since noted he was “griefed by goofballs.”

Paper has also called into question Epic’s consistency on bans, claiming “hackers ain’t getting banned for cheating but I’m getting disqualified for cyber bullying.”

We will have to wait and see if paper receives another ban on top of their disqualification, but one has to imagine that his teammates aren’t thrilled with the situation since they weren’t involved in the social media outbursts.