Fortnite Flare Gun guide: damage stats, where to find it, more

Flare Gun in FortniteEpic Games

The Flare Gun has been added to Fortnite finally in Season 3. The weapon is unlike anything else in the game, and has multiple uses. We’ve got everything you need to know so you can use it effectively when you jump into game.

The Flare Gun is one of many new items added in Fortnite Season 3. Some of the new weapons have tapped into area denial, including the Firefly Jar, and the Flare Gun is no different.

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The latest weapon to be added as part of v13.20 has more uses than just its name though. While it can act as a flare, it can be used to kill enemies, control areas, and even burn down builds.

Before you jump into game on the new patch, check out our rundown of Fortnite’s Flare Gun, where you can find it, and how best to use it.

Flare Gun stats in Fortnite

The Flare Gun is unique to every other weapon in Fortnite. It has a very limited magazine size of six, and there’s no way of finding extra ammo to bolster it up. However, it has multiple purposes, and is super effective in all of them.

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You can find the full stats below:

  • Rarity: Rare (Blue)
  • Class: Pistol
  • Damage: 60
  • Shots per second: 0.39
  • Magazine size: 6
  • Reload time: 1.5 seconds
  • Ammo type: N/A

Where can you find Fortnite’s Flare Gun?

Fortnite’s Flare Gun can be found in most places you find blue weapons. It can just be on the ground in certain buildings, in supply drops, in chests ⁠— it’s pretty easy to find.

They are randomly generated, so you won’t find them in the same places every game. However, you should be able to find one after a couple of games ⁠— or even in your first if you are lucky.

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How to use Fortnite’s Flare Gun

Like we mentioned near the top, there’s plenty of uses for the Flare Gun in Fortnite. It’s not a weapon you just shoot at enemies in the hopes of getting a kill. However, it can help augment the way you play to clean up your foes.

Its first use is, well, as a flare. You can fire it straight into the sky to sound off a flare, which will give you a ping regarding enemies near your location. This can help you figure out if you are clear, or need to start prepping for a fight.

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Its other primary use is for area denial. The Flare Gun will explode on the ground, dealing 60 damage to nearby enemies in a radius after a short time. This is handy for flushing enemies out of certain areas, like the Firefly Jar.

You can also use it to burn down wooden structures. A couple of shots from a Flare Gun will deal with wooden builds, and there’s really no safe way of stopping it from the inside.

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