Fortnite: Firework locations for Week 4, Season 7 challenge

by Calum Patterson


The week 4 challenges for Season 7 of Fortnite are now live, and one of the free challenges requires players to launch three fireworks - which will require some expert map knowledge.


Although this challenge is pretty self-explanatory, there appears to be very limited firework locations on the whole map, meaning you have to know some specific spots.

Thankfully, if you're not a map expert, we have all the locations marked on the map for you.

Firework locations for Week 4 challenge.


Once you are here, simply approach the Firework and interact by holding X on Xbox or Square on PS4, or whatever you interaction keybind is on PC.

This will set the firework alight and send it soaring into the sky - presumably Fortnite's own New Year celebration.

YouTube / Laytxn
YouTube / Laytxn
The Firework location east of Pleasant Park.


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