Fortnite leaker reveals first look at new Firework Gun

fortnite firework gun leaked gameplay

Fortnite leaker HYPEX recently unleashed footage of the game’s forthcoming Firework Gun, which Epic Games has yet to formally show off.

Of course, Fortnite is no stranger to over-the-top weapons and gadgets. The Chug Cannon, for example, serves as more of a friendly healing item than a deadly weapon.

Meanwhile, items such as Cuddle Fish, an actual type of in-game fish, were previously used as proximity mines against unsuspecting foes.

Epic Games’ trend of adding extravagant tools to the popular online title does not look as though it will soon come to an end, either.

Fortnite may soon play add a Firework Gun

fortnite fireworksFortnite’s new gun will supposedly arrive this season.

Over the weekend, well-known Fortnite leaker HYPEX (originally reported by Shot-Marco) shared a three-second clip of Fortnite’s all-new Firework Gun in action.

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The insider claims the explosive piece of weaponry will arrive sometime during Chapter 3, Season 3. Apparently, players can expect to access the Firework Gun via Chests, Supply Drops, Floor Loot, and an unspecified NPC.

While HYPEX can’t confirm specifics as of yet, they believe the gun will function like a grenade launcher. HYPEX also posits the item could constitute a “flare gun re-skin” of some sort.

Since Independence Day takes place in the US in roughly two weeks, it’s possible Epic will launch the supposed Fortnite Firework Gun in the not-so-distant future. As of writing, though, the studio has yet to tease such plans.

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The next major Fortnite patch, Update 21.10, will introduce a whole host of exciting content drops in its own right.

When the update arrives on June 21, players can expect to find additional Super Styles and Naruto skins for the eagerly-anticipated Rivals crossover.