Fortnite Fans Believe You’ll Be Able to Select Default Skins Soon

Matt Porter
Epic Games

Fortnite fans believe they may be able to pick the classic default character skins as outfits in the near future.

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Currently, players new to the game play as the various default skins, but once the option to pick and chose between each one is not available.

However, one fan of the game at PAX West snapped a picture that showed the eight default skins at the bottom of the skin selection screen.

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While there is no official announcement from Epic Games regarding whether the skins will be available for selection, it’s interesting to note that at E3, an account which had every skin unlocked didn’t have the eight default skins.

Players using the default skin are generally new players to the game, who are inexperienced and thought to be not particularly good. Recently, it seems like players may be using default skins as a way to fool players – appearing to be a new player, but actually being an experienced player on a new account.

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It wouldn’t be a surprise if Epic Games were to bring the default skins back as an option, and would be extremely popular amongst fans, as default skin ‘Jonesy’ has amassed a cult following amongst Fortnite fans who love the blonde haired character. 

Fortnite is in a constant state of update, and Epic regularly vault items in an attempt to freshen the game up.  They are also are always open to bringing weapons back, as shown with the Guided Missile Launcher. Epic Games are yet to comment on the possibility of the default skins making a return, but keep your eyes peeled to the latest updates to see if it becomes a reality.