Fortnite fan submitted a Legendary Port-a-Fort concept moments before the Port-a-Fortress was announced

by Ross Deason


In a strange example of pure coincidence, a Fortnite community member shared a concept for a ‘Legendary’ variant of the Port-a-Fort just moments before Epic Games announced the ‘Port-a-Fortress’.


Reddit user Feralidragon shared a two minute video on the FortniteBR subreddit with the title “Legendary Port-a-Fort”.

The video showed a large metal fortress that the player had created in Playground mode that he believed would be a great upgrade to the standard Port-a-Fort, a grenade-like item that turns into a fort when thrown.

Legendary Port-A-Fort from r/FortNiteBR


However, just 20 minutes after his submission, Epic Games announced an all-new Port-a-Fortress which will be, well… a legendary version of the Port-a-Fort.

Commenting on the incredibly unlikely timing, Feralidragon said “I am actually awestruck that a Port-A-Fortress was announced right after I posted this, I had absolutely no idea, it's really a coincidence, believe me or not, and on top of it the name given is the same one I first thought for this thing to boot.”


The player went on to say “This fort was actually something I planned to do since Playground was introduced, but only yesterday I started to do it and edit the video to post today. The fact that they actually made one, totally blows my mind.”

The Port-a-Fortress will allow players to “take defense to new heights” and is expected to go live in the next update which will presumably be released on Tuesday, September 18.

The original Port-a-Fort has not been proven to be a particularly popular item with high level Fortnite players due to how easy it is to destroy, but the new Legendary version of it could be significantly stronger.