Fortnite fan recreates Modern Warfare 2’s Shipment in first-person and it’s epic

Shipment from MW2 with Fortnite logoActivision / Epic Games

A dedicated Fortnite fan has shared their recreation of the Modern Warfare 2 version of Call of Duty’s infamous Shipment multiplayer map – and it’s an absolutely beautiful thing. 

Fortnite’s recently leaked first-person mode promises one of the biggest shake-ups Epic’s building battle royale has ever received. 

Third-person perspectives have been integral to the game since it exploded in popularity way back in 2017. 

Now, an epic crossover with Call of Duty has given us an idea of just how good a first-person Fortnite could look. 

MW2 Shipment recreated in Fortnite first-person mode

Shared to the MW2 subreddit on February 3, player ‘Avesta49’ explained that they created Shipment in Fortnite Creative before adopting the newly leaked first-person mode. 

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The result is a jaw-dropping combination of an FPS perspective with Fortnite’s well-known cartoon graphics. 

The specific Shipment version we received with Modern Warfare 2 – complete with a dark and rainy aesthetic – is also perfectly reimagined in Fortnite’s engine. 

OP also explained that they “tried giving it a more gritty vibe,” explaining why the dark and miserable atmosphere was rendered so accurately.

It’s up there with the best gaming crossover creations we’ve seen in a long time, and while Shipment is almost certain to never make an official appearance in Fortnite, it’s nice to dream. 

Back in December, one dedicated Warzone fan claimed they missed Verdansk so much it had catalyzed them recreating it in Minecraft. 

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