Fortnite & Family Guy crossover still in the works according to new leaks

fortnite family guyWalt Disney Co.

According to newly leaked information, Epic Games is still developing content for a Fortnite and Family Guy crossover.

Hints at a Family Guy collaboration began making the rounds in February 2021 when a sprite sheet featuring a host of codenames hit the web.

The codename “FrenchFry” appeared in the listing, leading many to believe it constituted a reference to a Family Guy skin.

In April 2022, an Unreal Engine presentation accidentally teased several pieces of future Fortnite content.

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During the video, file names briefly flashed on a computer screen, some alluding to characters that have since landed in Fortnite – Darth Vader, Doom Slayer, and Indiana Jones. Family Guy counted among the list of names, as well.

Yet another leak points to a Fortnite x Family collaboration

Dataminers GMatrixGames and FNAssist revealed that “as of a few updates ago,” Epic has continued its efforts on the “FrenchFry” cosmetics. Interestingly, these specific cosmetics now have a new ID, the leakers claimed – “CID_TBD_Athena_Commando_M_FrenchFry.”

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While the updated ID tag offers nothing in the way of concrete details, FNAssist thinks its points to a male character, perhaps even the main protagonist, Peter Griffin.

At the time of writing, Epic Games has yet to so much as hint at the long-rumored Family Guy and Fortnite collaboration.

The evidence continues to pile up, though. Still, it’s anyone’s guess as to when players can expect such content to finally go live.

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This merely serves as one of the crossover rumors making the rounds. According to a recent report, Epic is also in the process of working with The Kid Laroi for a concert collab. Allegedly, Dead Space content may soon hit Fortnite Island as well.

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