Fortnite: Epic Games announce speed changes to Glider Redeploy feature

by Wyatt Donigan
Epic Games


The controversial Glider Redeploy mechanic in Fortnite is set to receive some changes with an upcoming hotfix.


Introduced with the v6.20 update on October 24, the Glider Redeploy mechanic underwent many changes before eventually being removed from the main game modes.

While the mechanic still remains in Playgrounds and other LTM modes, it will get a couple of major changes with a new hotfix released on November 29.


The latest hotfix will see the acceleration speed increased by 200% while the max speed will be increased by 25%.

This hotfix makes it clear that while they had to disable it in the main playlists, they’re still looking at improving the feature.


While some players liked the feature, many felt that it was too drastic of a new mechanic that changed the balance of the game.

During the few weeks it was live, various pros voiced their displeasure with the feature and offer ways of changing it until the feature was eventually taken out.

The fact that Epic is still trying to balance the mechanic could point to its return in the main game modes at some point in the future.