Fortnite enables XP on UEFN and Creative Islands

fortnite xp plus uefn headerEpic Games

Epic Games has made it so Fortnite players can now earn XP through maps made in Unreal Editor for Fortnite.

On March 22, 2023, Epic Games revealed that Unreal Editor for Fortnite was entering its Public Beta period on PC, meaning players everywhere could download this revamped editing tool.

Since then, fans have made some truly impressive Creative maps like sprawling desert landscapes made for Motocross stunts and even the entire OG Fortnite map from Chapter 1.

Now, Epic Games has made it so fans can earn XP by playing these creative maps made in the UEFN, which should give players much more incentive to explore everything these community-made maps have to offer.

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Epic Games enables XP earning for UEFN maps

The official Fortnite Creators Twitter account announced the change on April 21, 2022, alongside a blog post that went into more detail about what players could expect with these changes.

According to the post, “For now, XP from playing UEFN islands will be earned by players on a per-minute basis, and will not be tied to the Accolade device.”

For those who may not know, the Accolade device is a tool that Fortnite Creative players can enable so that players can earn Battle Pass XP on the maps they’ve created. However, setting up Accolade interactions for Creative Islands took a bit of know-how, so this change will hopefully streamline things a bit for UEFN.

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Epic Games explained that their goal for this change was “for players to be able to earn XP at a similar average rate whether they are playing Fortnite Creative islands, UEFN islands, or Battle Royale/Zero Build.” The dev team noted that they will continue to monitor XP gains and “make adjustments as needed.”

Finally, XP earned through playing UEFN Islands will be given to players on an hourly basis directly to their account. As such, players shouldn’t be alarmed if they don’t see XP right away, as it will take some time to be granted.

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Epic ended the post with confirmation that the Accolade Device would still make its way to UEFN in the future so creators can distribute XP to players easily.

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