Fortnite duos vs squads PC world record beaten by players using controller

by Calum Patterson


The world record for eliminations in a duos vs squads setting in Fortnite Battle Royale has been beaten - by players using a controller on PC.


In a victory for controller players, the record which was once held by streamers Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins and Ali 'SypherPK' Hassan, was bested by only a single kill.

Ninja and Sypher's record of 43 was first beaten by French players Nayte and Spk, who took the record to 46 eliminations total - but this has once again been surpassed.


The duo of 'ImClutchPlayz' and 'iMrSharpShooter', both using an Xbox One controller on PC, have taken on the duos vs squads record challenge, and pipped the previous holders by a single elimination.

The duo were in fact denied the chance to beat it by two kills, after one of the new Ice Legion monsters stole the final opponent away from them.

Regardless, 47 was enough to take the record on PC - although the console record is still held at 48, by Larsinz and distncee.


PC players with a keyboard and mouse might be encouraged to take this record on - in an attempt to prove that controller is the inferior way to play, but right now, these controller masters have them beaten.

You can see a full list of world records in Fortnite Battle Royale here, with evidence provided for each. Have a world record you think beats these - let us know on Twitter @Dexerto.