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Fortnite duo vs squad world record has been broken on console

Published: 27/Oct/2018 21:58

by Calum Patterson


Two console Fortnite players used the new cross-platform ability to set a new duo world record while playing on both Xbox One and PS4, beating the previous record by three kills.

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Just days after the record for duo vs squads on mobile was beaten, another Fortnite world record has been set, this time on console, also for duo vs squads.

The previous duo vs squad console record was set by Toonnah and HaslamN, who both racked up 20 each, holding the 40 kill record since June.

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But their record has now been beaten, and beaten convincingly, as Xbox player JHawk (XBL: I3usty) and PS4 player EthanPlants (PSN: WhereYallBeenAt), have now managed 43 kills in a quads match.


Their record means that both the PC and Console record for duo vs squads is the exact same, as PC players Teeqzy and Nokks also managed 43, back in June 2018.

You can watch the full record breaking match from EthanPlants perspective below, as he racked up 20 of the 43 kills:

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There is also the end game from the perspective of his partner JHawk, who got the other 23 kills needed for the world record. This video also shows the final game ending screen, to verify the record.

You can see a full list of updated Fortnite Battle Royale world records here, with evidence. If you believe you have a world record, and can provide evidence, be sure to let us know.