Fortnite ‘Deep Dab’ emote exploit gives players unfair advantage

YouTube, RockyTugBoat7

Fortnite Battle Royale players can gain a huge advantage in gunfights by using one of the game’s emotes. 

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The Deep Dab, which was first added to the Fortnite Item Shop on June 20, allows players to move their character’s body down to a dab position where their heads almost touch the ground, before springing back up.

While there is already mounting scrutiny surrounding the emote, after YouTuber Jacksfilms accused the game developers of stealing his dance move just days after its release, a new exploit has been uncovered that could definitely put Epic in a tricky situation. 

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Epic GamesA quick build and the Deep Dab emote is all Fortnite players need to gain an advantage.

First revealed by TheFlexDaddy, and later shared by Twitch streamer SypherPK, the strange exploit allows players who have purchased the cosmetic to gain an upper hand on others by using the Deep Dab to sneak attack enemies. 

“Make sure to support a legitimate creator when purchasing competitive advantages from the item shop!” TheFlexDaddy tweeted on June 23, posting a video to indicate just how much of a difference the dance move can have. 

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Ultimately, it allows players that have built a window structure to slide underneath the middle section and shoot their opponents immediately after the emote animation comes to a close. When performed correctly, it’s going to be very difficult for an opponent to be able to combat the move. 

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There has been, as of the time of writing, no official response to the problem from Epic Games, but given the huge problem related to the emote, you would imagine one is coming soon. 

Most previous exploits have been strongly linked to specific Fortnite items, which are available to every player, and have been vaulted as a result. 

This case is a little different as only gamers who have purchased the emote have an advantage, which could force its future removal from the Item Shop. Whether or not that happens, though, remains to be seen.