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Fortnite Deadpool event coming soon? Leaked POI, skin styles, more

Published: 31/Mar/2020 8:07 Updated: 31/Mar/2020 8:37

by Brad Norton


Deadpool is set to takeover Fortnite in a major way as leaked files have revealed a wide array of content coming in the next update. From a new Point of Interest to new skins and weapons, here’s a full rundown.

Deadpool has been linked to Fortnite since the beginning of Season 2 and after weeks of challenges and various teases, his presence is finally going to be felt on the map.

From brand new locations to upcoming weapons, it seems as though the ‘merc with a mouth’ has meddled with almost every aspect of the game.

Epic Games
Deadpool’s presence will soon be felt across the entire battle royale map.

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New Deadpool-themed Point of Interest

The Yacht is supposedly set to transition into a brand new Deadpool-themed Point of Interest fit with plenty of cheeky references to the self-absorbed character.


According to prominent Fortnite content creator ‘HYPEX,’ the area will soon turn into a Deadpool-themed landmark.

From a flag that holds Deadpool’s trousers, to a statue defamed with a Deadpool mask, the anti-hero will soon leave his mark across the location.

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New Deadpool cosmetics

Additionally, a number of Deadpool-centric cosmetics and limited-time changes have also slipped through the cracks.

The upcoming Deadpool skin will come with an “extra style option” that allows players to run around without a mask, revealing the more unsettling side of the character.

Custom Dual Pistols will also be introduced with an obvious red and black design and typical jokester paint on the side of the barrel.


Finally, the update will implement unique looks for both supply drops and the battlebus, complete with Deadpool’s trademark red wash.

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While Fortnite v12.30 is right around the corner, avid players can expect to see all of these upcoming additions in a nearby update.

After teasing the character for weeks on end, his impact will soon be felt across the popular battle royale as Deadpool’s takeover will be in full swing with the next content drop — get ready for some mayhem!