Fortnite Dance Classes Keep Younger Players Active and Entertained

Albert Petrosyan
David Lloyd Clubs

Fortnite Battle Royale is extremely popular among the younger generation, which can lead to increased playing time and less hours of activity and exercise.

Parents who are having trouble getting their children to step away from the game and stay active now have the option of sending them to a Fortnite dance class.

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Called ‘Emote Royale,’ the dance class specializes in teaching young children and teenagers the emote dance moves found in Fortnite.

The routine focuses on 12 of the more popular dances from the game, including Floss, Orange Justice, Take the L, Wiggle, Best Mates, Jubilation, Hype, Flapper, Fresh, Boneless, Worm, and Robot.

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With the Fortnite-themed soundtrack blaring in the background, the instructor begins teaching the kids the basics of each dance, starting with the easier ones and progressing towards the more complex.

Once everyone has perfected each dance, the class as a whole performs all 12 of them together in a routine.

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This Emote Royale class is hosted at David Lloyd Clubs, which have over 100 gyms all across the UK and Europe.

While the gyms do require a membership, parents can easily take the premise of the class and use it within their own homes as a way to keep their kids active while still involved with their favorite game.