Fortnite Creative Director teases possible in-game event debut at The Game Awards

by Alan Bernal


The creator of The Game Awards hinted at an upcoming Fortnite special event that will tie into the annual ceremony.


Fortnite is no stranger to hosting in-game events, having done two events in the past few months that have been incredibly well-received by the community.

It looks like there could be yet another special event debuting at The Game Awards on December 6, if these hints are anything to believe. 


TGA Producer and Creator Geoff Keighley dropped a big hint on such an event in a Tweet posted on December 5 ahead of the event.  

Keighley says that Fortnite Creative is only part of the story that Fortnite will be telling this week, suggesting that “things are about to get even crazier” due to the surprise they have in store for fans.

Keighley’s tweet ended in the most enigmatic way by saying to “make sure to keep your game close by.”

The cryptic message was briefly confirmed by Fortnite’s Creative Director Donald Muster replying to the tweet with “what he said.”


For the viewers who are going to tune in to TGA at home, the task would be relatively simple. But for the ceremony-goers, it could be a hint for the mobile iterations of Fortnite.

Fortnite’s anticipated Season 7 releases on December 6 worldwide and looks to be bringing not only snow but a bevy of new items, including an Games Awards and the reveal to the mystery will be on December 6 and the show starts at 5:30 PST / 8:30 EST.