Fortnite leak reveals ‘Creative 2.0’ features to create NPCs, control Storm, and more

. 25 days ago
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Epic Games

A new batch of Fortnite leaks has revealed a bit more of what could be in the works for ‘Creative 2.0’ that looks to introduce huge customization features like making NPCs, changing the Storm, and more.

Epic Games have been making major changes to its battle royale with modes and updates that fans have been asking for a long time. The studio is currently riding the successful integration of its Fortnite Zero Build that took away the game’s distinguishing feature.

Both casual and longtime players had a lot of great things to say about it and, now, Epic are going to try to recreate that with the popular Creative mode.

The studio has been preparing to unveil its revamped map/mode editor, which fans dubbed ‘Creative 2.0,’ as some details have apparently found itself online.

Notable Fortnite leaker ‘InTheShade’ found a slew of code that could hint as to what the Creative overhaul might entail that will give players “full control of pretty much everything.”

From setting events across different parts of a match to inserting NPCs anywhere on the map, along with different actions and emotes to perform, there’s a lot of customization to configure a game how players see fit.

InTheShade found that Epic is referring to this “scripting language named ‘Verse’ for Creative 2.0” which allows for an insane amount of editing.

This could even lend itself to the different types of gameplay players can invent with tools that lets you “control what happens when a player sees or looks away from another player or device.”

That got people thinking about Fortnite’s Among Us mode called Trust Nobody which took the classic battle royale and turned it on its head.

Fortnite’s community has done insane things with Creative since its launch and it looks like Epic are ready to unleash a whole new beast for players to comb over once again.

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