Fortnite Continues to Win the Battle Against PUBG on Mobile With Impressive Revenue Figures

Fortnite is continuing to win the battle with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds when it comes to mobile revenue and playerbase.

12 months ago you would have been laughed at for saying that a new battle royale game would have a chance of dethroning PUBG at any point in the foreseeable future.

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However, the meteoric rise in popularity for Fortnite Battle Royale after its release in September of 2017 soon saw it become the new king of the battle royale genre and it doesn’t look likely to relinquish that spot any time soon.

The two games are also competing with one another on mobile and a new report from Bloomberg, using the most recent data from SensorTower, suggests that Fortnite is still winning that battle, too.

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The data in question includes all the major markets except for China, which is mostly closed off, and shows that Fortnite is beating PUBG in terms of money spent every single week, although the gap has lessened slightly of late.

With Season 5 of the Battle Pass due to begin in Fortnite on July 12th, it is likely that we will see another huge spike in spending around that time which will help it pull away from PUBG yet again.

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Interestingly, more than 60% of the gross revenue that Fortnite on mobile has made so far comes from the United States, while PUBG’s comes from a wider range of sources with Japan and South Korea both contributing large amounts.

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While PUBG shows no signs of conceding to Fortnite Battle Royale, it is also worth noting that Fortnite is still relying on revenue from iOS only.

When the game is eventually released on Android, it seems likely that it will race ahead even further.

For the full data breakdown, graphs,  and analysis, check out the original report from Bloomberg.