Fortnite: How to complete ‘Search where the magnifying glass sits on Treasure Map’ challenge

Fortnite’s Season 8 Week 3 challenges are officially on their way, and a number of Fortnite fans are already confused by a leaked challenge which asks players to “search where the magnifying glass sits on the Treasure Map loading screen.”

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The challenges for Week 3 of Fortnite Season 8 sees players once again traverse around the map, while also utilizing some of the game’s transportation methods such as ziplines and The Baller – a brand new vehicle added to the game in the v8.10 update.

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One of these challenges sees players forced to locate and visit an area that has been identified by a magnifying glass on the Treasure Map loading screen available inside the game.

The loading screen Fortnite players need to use to complete this challenge.
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The treasure map spotted in the loading screen is actually a map of the Fortnite island where players drop into in hopes of securing a Victory Royale. So locating this area shouldn’t be too difficult.

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As seen highlighted below, a magnifying glass can be seen placed on the map, showing a location on the map with what appears to be a circle made out of trees as a distinguishing feature.

The magnifying glass is seen marking a location on the map.
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This ring of trees can be found just south-west of Polar Peake, located on a small hill just below the sheer cliff face that leads up to The Ice King’s castle.

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Here’s where you need to go to complete this challenge.
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If you’re still having issues locating where you need to head to complete this challenge, YouTuber Vinny122004 has uploaded a handy video tutorial that will show you how to complete this challenge.

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Once players reach this location, a Battle Star should appear once the challenges go live, with fans just required to interact with the star when it appears to complete the challenge.

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Of course, as with any leaks, Epic Games may decide to alter this challenge before they officially go live at around 14:00 GMT (06:00 PST, 09:00 EST).

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