Cloak teases potential Tfue reunion for Fortnite Championship Series - Dexerto

Cloak teases potential Tfue reunion for Fortnite Championship Series

Published: 14/Oct/2019 13:54 Updated: 14/Oct/2019 14:32

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite star Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore could be set to reunite with duo partner Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney as he revealed the squad he would be trying out for ahead of the Fortnite Championship Series.

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When it comes to competitive Fortnite, there is perhaps no bigger and recognizable duo than Tfue and Cloakzy, as the former FaZe Clan stars picked up a number of early event wins and attracted thousands of fans.

However, they fell short in qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup and were unable to cement themselves as the true top dogs. While they played together in matches following that, they had a falling out over a sponsored stream, as Tfue stated that he couldn’t forgive Cloak for what had happened. Yet, it appears as if they could be finally reuniting.


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Instagram / TfueTfue and Cloak pulled out a handful of event wins during the early part of competitive Fortnite.

During his October 13 stream, the popular Fortnite professional had been, like many others, watching the black hole event and waiting for something to happen, when his chat started asking questions about who he would be teaming up with.

Many viewers claimed he ‘leaked’ his squad by briefly showing some private messages, prompting Cloak to explain what was going on. “Okay, wait, okay, we’re testing it chat, we haven’t played together yet, okay,” said Cloak. 

“It’s not really a leak, shut up! Okay, hashtag leaked, that’s one of the squads I plan to try out,” the former FaZe star added. “One of the squads I play to try out are me, Turner — I’m leaking it! Me, Khanada, Fiber, and Turner.”


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Of course, with cloak stating that it’s only something they’re trying out, it remains to be seen if he and Tfue will actually partner back up for the Fortnite Championship Series

The FNCS variant for Fortnite Season 11 is, indeed, squads, and a number of rosters have already been announced; including Team Liquid finally using their complete line-up, and Benjyfishy stacking his team with some incredible talent.

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It’s unknown when the online tournament will be getting underway considering Fortnite is currently unplayable due to the end of Season 10 event. 

Despite that, though, fans will undoubtedly tune in if they have the chance to see Tfue and Cloakzy teaming up again.