Fortnite Chest locations at Shifty Shafts and Lonely Lodge | Season 7, Week 8 challenges

by Albert Petrosyan


The Fortnite Battle Royale challenges for Week 8 of Season 7 are now available and one requires players to search through Chests at Shifty Shafts and Lonely Lodge.


Since the challenge requires seven Chests to be opened but does not specify how many need to be opened at each location, players are free to choose to either open them all at one location or split them between the two.

The objective is quite straightforward but can be time consuming as players will often have to load into multiple matches in order to be able to open the total number of Chests.


In order to help speed up this process, we have provided maps that show all of the possible spawn points for Chests at both Shifty Shafts and Lonely Lodge.

This will help players know exactly where to go once they land at either location and not waste time randomly going around and looking for Chests.


The map above shows all 12 possible Chest spawns at Shift Shafts. Seven of these points are located in the mines themselves while the other five are sprinkled around the immediate surrounding areas.

Below is a map of all of Lonely Lodge’s 12 Chest spawns. Seeing as both locations have the same number of spawn points, it's pretty much a flip of the coin at to which one is better for this challenge. 


Here is a video, courtesy of YouTuber JoeMD, which shows the player going around the two locations and visiting Chests.


Keep in mind that the markers shown above are only possible spawn points for Chests; not every Chests is guaranteed to spawn in every match.

Players who are attempting to complete this challenge should also make sure to get eliminated, either by an opponent or themselves, before leaving the match. Leaving straight away without getting eliminated can often cause progress made during that match to be lost.

Searching through seven Chests is one of several challenges available this week. For more details on the full list of challenges, visit our comprehensive guide for how to complete all of the Week 8, Season 7 challenges