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Fortnite Battle Royale • Nov 22, 2018

Fortnite cheat sheet map with locations for the Week 9, Season 6 challenges

Fortnite cheat sheet map with locations for the Week 9, Season 6 challenges

For the lazy Fortnite players among us, thesquatingdog has already released their trusty cheat sheet map for the week 9 challenges, of season 6.


Released on November 22, the challenges for week 9 feature some pretty tough tasks, but this cheat sheet will help you fly through them in no time.

Making a change from previous weeks in season 6, there is some intriguing new challenges we haven't seen before, thanks to the addition of new items like Dynamite and the Clown Boards.


As always, there are three challenges available to all players, and another four exclusive to battle pass holders, but regardless if you're going for all seven or just the free ones, the cheat sheet has everything you need.

You can also check out a more in-depth guide for the Clown Board locations and how to complete this new challenge here.

Thanks to thesquatingdog, the full cheat sheet map has the requirements, locations and tips for each week 9 challenge all in one handy place.


There is also the location for the battle star, as part of the Hunting Party challenge set, but remember you will need to complete all the week 9 challenges and unlock the loading screen before this star appears on the map.

Also remember that you need to play out any games until the end, either with a victory royale or elimination, or else challenge progression may not be saved.

If you haven’t seen all of the challenges for Week 9 of Season 6 yet, they are as follows:



  • Deal damage to players with a Clinger, Stink Bomb or Grenade (300)
  • Deal damage to opponent structures with Dynamite (10,000)
  • Rocket or Grenade Launcher Eliminations (3) (HARD)
  • Stage 1: Deal damage with Grenades to opponents (100) (HARD)

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