Fortnite cheat sheet map reveals all locations for Week 7, Season 8 challenges - Dexerto

Fortnite cheat sheet map reveals all locations for Week 7, Season 8 challenges

Published: 11/Apr/2019 21:41 Updated: 11/Apr/2019 21:47

by Albert Petrosyan


The weekly challenges for the seventh week of Season 8 in Fortnite Battle Royale have now been released, and there’s a cheat sheet map to help them complete all of the objectives. 

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As is usually the case every week, content creator ‘TheSquatingDog‘ has created a visual guide that details exactly where players need to go on the Fortnite map to complete all of this week’s challenges.

The Week 7 set features seven challenges in total – three that are available to all players for free and four that are reserved for only those who have purchased the Season 8 Battle Pass. 


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There are several location-based objectives in the free challenges, including a three-part challenge which requires players to visit two specific locations in a single match.

While the Battle Pass challenges are as focused on visiting locations, there are aspects of it that can only be completed at certain areas of the map. 

One of this week’s free challenges is to visit three different Pirate Camps, which you can find the locations of in the map below.
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Full cheat sheet map for Fortnite’s Week 7 challenges

Below you can find a full cheat sheet map for the Week 7 challenges of Season 8, which is the perfect visual guide for players who want to try and get the challenges over as quickly as possible.

If you end up deciding that you wish to complete the challenges all by yourself and don’t want any help, now is the time to turn back before everything gets spoiled.


TheSquatingDogFull cheat sheet map for all Week 7, Season 8 challenges.

Fortnite challenges for Week 7 of Season 8

As a reminder, you can check out the full list of the Week 7 Fortnite challenges below, including both the free and Battle Pass objectives. 

As always, we also have a separate detailed guide on how to best complete each challenge, which you can use to try and get these done as quickly as possible, or if you’re simply struggling with one. 


  • Deal 100 damage with a pickaxe to opponents
  • Visit three Pirate Camps in a single match 
  • Staged Challenge: Visit … and … in a single match
    • Visit Junk Junction and The Block in a single match
    • Visit Pleasant Park and Dusty Divot in a single match 
    • Visit Happy Hamlet and Snobby Shores in a single match


  • Deal 500 damage to players from above
  • Search seven chests at Loot Lake or Snobby Shores
  • Staged Challenge:
    • Deal damage to opposing players while riding the Zipline
    • Deal damage to opposing players who are riding the Zipline
  • Eliminate five opponents in different named locations