Fortnite characters get ready for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in awesome fan-made trailer

by David Purcell
LaffenGas - Fortnite


Some of the new Season 7 Fortnite characters appear to be battle-ready for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in this incredible new fan-made trailer. 


Featuring several new skins, such as The Ice King, Sgt. Winter, Zenith, Onesie, Lynx and even Trog, this unofficial trailer gives fans of both games a taste of what it would be like if thier worlds ever collided. 

Each of the characters are given a brief segment, much like the Super Smash Bros. game does to introduce each character and their abilities, however the Fortnite characters don't have many. 


While each of the intro video for the characters are all entertaining in their own right, The Ice King really does take centre stage in the trailer, though. The powerful character vows to "turn down the heat" right off the bat. 

By comparison, Trog is fiddling around with a balloon pretending to fart during the trailer. If that's his only attacking ability, we're not sure if he should be really be going to battle, however the blue and white creature makes a fine cameo nevertheless. 


While it is highly unlikely that the games would ever merge, people can keep dreaming in the meantime and making these fantastic clips.

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