Fortnite Chapter 3 trees have an ‘auto-aim’ that nets easy kills

Alan Bernal
fortnite chapter 3 trees
Epic Games

The Fortnite Chapter 3 update introduced towering trees that have been surprising players with how useful they can be by having features like an ‘auto-aim’ that can kill opponents.

All trees in Fortnite are primarily used to harvest mats (materials) to build. This remains true for the large oak-looking plants that came to the Chapter 3 island but they do things no other trees can.

From a combat perspective, players can utilize them to actually land and eliminate an enemy if they’re not paying attention to their surroundings.

As you can see in the clip above, Fortnite’s trees in Chapter 3 automatically fall on anyone in close proximity to them, basically making them an auto-aim hit that deals 100 damage.

To make Fortnite’s trees work for you, simply gun one down near an opponent and it will collapse onto them if they don’t react quick enough.

“Pretty much anytime I see a player near a tree, I’ll shoot it and it falls on them.” one Fortnite player said, as more people are saying that they’ve adopted the strategy.

It seems the Epic Games developers made this into a reproducible feature which some people claim to “always” work against the enemy closest to the timber.

People have been surprised with how many uses these Chapter 3 trees have. Not only are they fun ways to secure a kill, they can also do wonders for people looking to get across water with blazing speeds.

It’s not unlike Epic to add bizarre gameplay elements like this to mix up the traditional Fortnite formula and there’s bound to be more twists to explore in Chapter 3.